Child Find

The law requires all public schools districts to screen preschool children with disabilities, or suspected developmental delays, who may be eligible to receive special education services. The purpose of the screening is to identify those children who may need a more detailed evaluation. There is no cost for this service.

When you can identify learning challenges at a young age, early intervention can help the child with learning tasks. Children who are showing difficulties in any of the following areas my have a learning challenge:





self-help skills

behavior/social skills

manipulating small objects/drawing

Community Screenings

Children between the ages of three to five years of age that reside within the MESD boundaries are eligible for a screening/evaluation. Below is a list of items that you can expect to take place at a screening:

  • A team member will ask you about your child's growth and development.

  • A registered nurse will check your child's hearing and vision.

  • Your child may be screened in one or more areas which the staff feels appropriate based on observation, review of records, etc.

  • You will receive screening results and next steps.

  • If an evaluation is necessary, a representative from Child Find will contact you to schedule an appointment for further evaluations.

Part C to Part B

Children less than three years old who receive early intervention services through a Family Infant-Toddler (FIT) Early Intervention Service Program may qualify for continued special education services through the public school.

The FIT program and MESD Child Find work together with families to transition children from the FIT program to the public prior to the child's third birthday. This team will identify and perform necessary assessments and determine eligibility for services through the public school.

If you have concerns about a child under the age of three and would like more information on Early Intervention Programs call Kathrine Kelton at 832-5727.

To schedule a screening, call Amy Cavasos at (505)832-5814.

You will receive a call back for the first available appointment.